About Us


Gulf Ship Moving is a family owned moving company that offers both residential and office moving services. Over the years, we have managed to invest heavily in modern trucks that enables us to move our clients stuff with ease and at an affordable price.

The company comprises of 40 full time employees who work round the clock to offer booked and real time moving services. We also have another team whose main role is to ensure that all clients queries get responded to on time and the responses are accurate. This communication criteria enables us to keep in touch with out clients as well as stay ahead of competition.

We are also active on social media which doubles up as an online marketing tool and a support platform. That is to mean, we use the platform to connect with out customers as they can send a message to request for any of our services as well as general information about our services. On the other hand, they can use the same platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to submit a complain or inquire about the service.

The website we have is search engine optimized to promote navigation and usability. Both new and experienced users can use the platform to learn more about our services. Our web development and SEO team works round the clock to ensure that we get the best results.

Call us today for the best office and residential moving services.